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Training schedule will be announced on 22nd Jan. 2024.

Lack of family-support for the Professional Courses
Family is uncomfortable in letting you study along with boys
Typical mindset of the family-not to invest in girl’s education as they need to marry
Social Media Phobia & Insecurity
Community / Society Issues
Financial Issue
No idea how digital platform can help me to explore globally
None of the Above


I visited office and found it nice and professional environment. Registered myself by making payment.

Pooja Sen - Bhopal

I have registered for online mode & made a payment via PayTM. Looking for a great learning experience.

Kavita - Jabalpur

I just paid using Paytm. It's so simple and incredible.

Garima Tripathi - Gurgaon

In a small town like Vidisha, I never found this good opportunity. I'm happy to be part of DigitalLaado.

Ajita - Vidisha

Nice to meet the team of trainers. I thanked them to start this noble initiative.

Roshna - Bhopal

About #DigitalLaado™️

Updated on 15 Jan 2024 - Knowledge of digital platform is something which is very important and nobody can deny its requirement but it does not require to travel physically but the thoughts and creativity can go at any extent. We want to make every daughter confident enough to stand on their own feet by opening the door of opportunities in digital platform.

Acc. to the Govt. of India every year more than 65% daughters* drop their education due to family, community or social reasons [Report by *National Commission for Protection of Child Rights]. Daughters who lives in tier 2 & 3 cities and some are in tier 1 as well are not able to pursue professional or job-oriented courses due to distasteful mindset of the society. Reasons which we heard from students & sometime their parents or guardians are shocking, few of the are: .

  • Not permitted/able to go outside of home for job oriented courses
  • Family is uncomfortable in letting them study along with boys
  • Typical mindset of the family not to invest in girl’s education as they need to marry
  • Social Media Phobia & Insecurity
  • Introvert nature of small-town girls
  • Community / Society Issue
  • Family do not want them to have Social Media Accounts
  • Financial Issue or Lack of Awareness

Looking at all these challenges, we had launched #DigitalLaado on the occasion of “International Day of The Girl Child” on 11th October on account of "National Day of The Girl Child" & on 24th January on account of "Girl Child Day in India", we have planned to make daughters self-dependent & nurture their talent & creativity across the India via Digital Expertise program.

Objective of the Initiative

We believe only learning or training is not sufficient to make girls stand on their feet, hence we had planned this program in such a way that when they complete the course every girls should have some motto and project in hand to explore the creativity on global digital platform.

What you can expect from #DigitalLaado?

  • Freedom from the boundaries within the boundation like financial/family/community
  • Exclusive girls’ batch where you will feel comfortable to ask questions
  • Advance skills, to make Girls explore their hidden talent & creativity
  • Practical working to make their skill present to the world
  • Authentic certificate, backed by renowned agencies to make Girls confident
  • Real-time project and may be that could be your first revenue giving project
  • This all is not just bookish knowledge it will be practical program

Background of the Initiatives

This program is driven by SEOsurfer™️ which is a training wing of the Fulcrum Group, we had trained more than 3000 student and corporates from 18-65 years of age, also national & international corporate groups.We had an association with many of prestigious institutions like FICCI & Google's DigitalUnlocked. Currently, we have association with MSME, with which we can offer MSME certifications & many national & international Institutions.

#DigitalLaado is not a onetime program this is a mission which is started by Fulcrum Group of Companies which is serving at more than 600 location at PAN India in the varied domains of Training, Healthcare & Digital Portfolio Management.

Course Details

    This program is specially designed and named as “DigitalLaado” mission (#DigitalLaado), as we will make daughters digital ready. We’ve included topics which are currently in demand and utmost required to the student, these are:

  • How to make career in Digital Marketing
  • Everyone knows Digital Marketing, but still people fail in making career in it. Why?
  • How to make career in Digital Marketing

Benefits of Course

  • Digital marketing Internship of 10 hours
  • Project retention*
  • Online & Offline classes
  • Earn knowledge of digital sales
  • Career Enhancement

Frequently Asked Questions

This program does not require any prerequisites except the intention. DigitalLaado™️ is a mission with which is started to support girls, who are losing their creativity and skills due to multiple boundaries of society & family.
Language is not a big barrier to join this program. This program is exclusively designed for girls who are facing difficulties in English.
No, It is a biggest myth among the people that coding is mandatory for learning anything related to digital platform. There is a lot to explore in this digital platform which is beyond the limit. We will break the ice from such a mindset in our digital expertise course.
NO, hacking and internet security are both different things.
After successfully completion of the course you will be assigned the project based on your performance during the training & working on the project. Addition to that we will nurture your skills, creativity and talent so that you can make your own project and take it forward as your business model. Further, you can take specialization in any of the skills and then after you can work from home which gives you an opportunity to earn as much as you work.
We will support you for the job, as we keep on getting queries regarding the skilled person.
Yes, this program contains specialized internship of 10 hrs. which will be equivalent on job training.